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☁️ Installation

You can install paperplane in two different ways, we recommend using docker to install paperplane but you can use git as well.

Installation with Docker

Docker is required if you want to install paperplane with docker.

# To pull the image
docker pull

# To run paperplane
docker run --name=paperplane -d -v ~/paperplane:/paperplane/data -p 3000:3000

~/paperplane is the directory the data is stored in, you can only change this on first install. If you want to change it later, make sure to move all the data to the new folder before changing the directory.

3000:3000 is the port the application is listening to, if you want to change this only change the port before the : (colon).

Installation using git

The following applications are required: Git, NodeJS >= v18.x.x and yarn.

Clone the application:

git clone
cd paperplane

Install the dependencies and build the application:

yarn install
yarn build

Start paperplane:

yarn start

After installation

After this the installation is complete and you can start using paperplane. You can change settings via the application itself, to access it open the logs and look for a google URL which leads to an QR-code. Scan the QR-code with an authenticator app. After that go to your login page, select admin as domain and fill in the authentication code.



# To pull the updated image
docker pull

# Stop the running container
docker stop paperplane && docker remove paperplane

# Start new container
docker run --name=paperplane -d -v ~/paperplane:/paperplane/data -p 3000:3000


# Stop the process and after that pull the changes
git pull

# Install the dependencies and build the app
yarn install
yarn build

# Start the application
yarn start


You can automatically update the paperplane container using watchtower. To install this, follow this guide.